7 Negative Side Effects of Plastic Surgery

Effects of Plastic Surgery
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When most people think of plastic surgery, they only focus on the perfectly smoothed, flawless results they will get. Very few ever thinks of the side effects of plastic surgery,  But the risks involved are always overlooked, or pushed aside with the adage which says that “pain is beauty” or the like. Despite all of the outstanding progress made regarding the technology surrounding plastic surgery, there are many dangers — including ordinary human error. Though millions of cosmetic surgeries are performed yearly, and many free from incident. It is not possible to overlook the risks involved with taking part in such invasive procedures.


7 Negative Side Effects of Plastic Surgery

1. Surgical Risks

During cosmetic surgery so many surgical risks (bad effects of plastic surgery) may take place which include: Implant rejection, blood clots, scarring, skin necrosis, nerve damage, and pigmentation are risks linked with this type of surgery. Often, smokers may also face the risk of an extended amount of healing time, and those with any vascular conditions need a longer healing plan. Shock, respiratory failure, and cardiac arrest may happen right on the operating table. In some cases, a surgeon may accidentally leave a tool inside of the patient’s body—and sewed it up after operation. This leads to infection and requires additional surgery in order to remove it to avoid further complications.

2. Huge Financial Costs

Cosmetic surgery is very expensive and many procedures cost tens of thousands of dollar. It has been noted too that the cost also goes up with the experience of the doctor and the intricacy of the procedure involved. There is always a need for the patient to take time from work in order to make a full recovery. Though small procedures may take a few days to heal while other more detailed procedures may take weeks for the body to fully recover yet none is free from pain — also note that all time that is taken off from a full time job simply means a huge financial loss.


3. Emotional Damage

Sad to say, many who have had plastic surgery run a high risk of missing the feeling of fulfillment after they have undergone their procedure. However, some who did not feel satisfied often went back to have additional work done on their body. Some times when the procedure yields results other than what the patient expected, they may also feel resentment or anger toward their doctor.

4. The Risk of the Procedure Going Wrong

Just as in everything, there is a 50 : 50 chances that it may not turn out exactly as planned, no matter how much time and thought went into it. In some cases, many times patients will end up with some very heavy psychological repercussions when a procedure did not end up looking the way that they visualized before. The physical features can end up severely distorted thereby causing the patient to seek immediate treatment and medications to cope with it. Today, there are hand full of cases where plastic surgery went wrong, that is why a simple internet search will yield all of the proof needed.


5. Physical Pains

One of the most popular complaints from cosmetic surgery patients is physical pain: nausea, vomiting, constant headaches, and prolonged pain. After some time, these pains can go away, but some times in rare cases one or more pains can linger for long. Some times, pronounced inflammation around the area in which the procedure was performed do occur. That is why the timeline associated with healing from a traumatic event to the body always vary widely from person to person.


6. Blood Loss

Through out the history of cosmetic surgery, this is one of the most ever known concerns related to plastic surgery. Too much blood loss is indicative of something going extremely wrong atop the operating table. Much amounts of blood loss can lead to death or an organ failure some times. It is noted that this doesn’t occur in all cases though, it still remains a negative point as a possibility when making the decision to go under the knife comes.

7. Possible Allergic Reactions

It is very  vital that the patient who is willing to undergo plastic surgery have full knowledge of all their allergies. It could be allergies to materials like certain metals or latex or even medications. However, when post operational medications results in an allergic reaction, the patient could be confined to their bed for weeks.


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