Facts About Coffee –Does it make or Mar your Skin?

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Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages. However, there are much we still need to know about coffee.


There are over a thousand chemical compounds in coffee:

Most of these chemical compounds in coffee benefit us in various amazing ways. They elevate our mood, keep us mentally alert as well as boost our energy. These are positive effects of coffee consumption. Yet, coffee has some negative effects, especially those that impact on your skin negatively.


Coffee impairs mineral absorption by the body:

According to researchers, coffee intake can prevent the body from absorbing minerals from the food. Result: the skin suffers. The skin feels more nourished when we consume more vitamins and other nutrients. If you suffer from acne or skin-related allergies, it is advised you stay away from coffee. Mineral deficiencies in the body boost acne and skin issues especially when you lack minerals like zinc, Selenium, and Iron.



Additional, prolonged coffee intake is not healthy. It weakens the liver and alters the blood purification process. The unclean blood affects the body negatively thereby leading to liver spots or dark patches on the skin.


Excess intake of coffee can also affect how the body reacts to the unpleasant issue. It can also affect adrenal glands which lead to the unnecessary release of the hormone known as “hyperadrenalism”.This, also, is no better for the skin.


Moderate coffee intake is recommended; at least 1 to 3 cups per week. Gradually reduce it or completely keep away from it. Then substitute with tea or glasses of water till the whole day. Coffee has both negative and positive effects.


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