How to generate impressive website traffic

Website traffic
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You’re just through with creating your new site – the unbelievable achievement is now successful. Just immediately the phone rang and many messages dropping. You’re undoubtedly filled with joy. What a great job you concluded.


The next day your experience automatically changed -no message or phone calls.
You thought something is wrong, maybe your computer is not working properly.
To rectify the fault, you blow the computer from behind. Then you thought if I click Alt +option+$ bottles definitely it will start working. Then you reload the browser for more than an hour, you really need something to happen.


Disappointment, you feel. You started thinking of what exactly the problem is. What you’re experiencing is not a meant dream.


The fact remains that creating and launching a website is never a guarantee that there will be traffic. You need to create features that will make your site attractive. Although you have achieved a lot, there is more work ahead.


Suggestions on how to make your website more attractive

Great thoughtful contents.

It is true that bloggers spend most of their time on it but the reward is worthwhile. When you write and post on your website, you are making your useful contribution to the industry. Once a keyword similar to your post is typed on each of the search engines like Google and Bing, your website will be presented for the search.


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Learn more about blogging

– A blog website should have at least 434 % indexed pages.

– Blog companies have more than 97% links that direct to their site

-Make it easy for people to revisit their websites. It creates traffic on your website.

-Always get connected with people, if not many will visit the site and will never come back.

How you can drive regular website visits with email marketing.

– Include website sign-up on your website, make it public on top of scroll line.

-Make repeat visitors sign – up from your WordPress site.

– Brief them on what to expect when they join your mailing list. Avoid the general use of a word like” Join Our Email List”.

– Make your visitors see why it is necessary to sign-up.

– Use attractive welcome email to make them come back.


Current Epsilon study shows that attractive welcome email will make 60-70% website visitors open your website. Among 10 visitors, at least 7 will visit your email and that 7 people may also open your website again and your chance of conversion will be added. Be available to communicate with.


Email campaigns are necessary to increase website traffic with highly engaged visitors. Post reasonable email campaign to your new subscribers each week or per month. In your email campaign add links to your website.


From the record, social media users are more than 2.3 billion worldwide. It is therefore highly competitive and more effort is needed. Through social media, you direct people to your website and communicate with your present consumers.


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