Protect Yourself From Mosquitoes Without Using Harmful Chemicals

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Are you away that mosquitoes have claimed many more humans lives than all wars in world history?  Mosquitoes by far the most dangerous insects on earth to we humans.
To confirm this, please take a look at this graph from Bill Gates’ blog:


Here in Nigeria, you’ve probably noticed more mosquitoes in Nigeria recently?
Reasons is because their swarms are on the rise recently. Warm seasons are lasting longer, which means they have more time to breed, multiply and feast finally on you!


Fact to Know About Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes actually need human blood in order to reproduce their species. Without our blood, their generations is finished. The most annoying part of it is that they dont just suck your blood and get away leaving you free, instead, are the virus and diseases they can give you extremely dangerous but even non lethal bites frequently result in painful swelling and serious infection.


Plus they are super annoying, especially their noises, aren’t they? Its buzzing around your bed can keep you uncomfortable and awake till day break. Scratching your bites for many days afterwards sucks also.

Many have tried sprays, candles and creams  and so-many other chemicals to keep them away, but none of these anti mosquitoes solutions actually protect for more than 19 mins!

These solutions mostly contains DEET – a hazardous, damaging chemical which can be both harmful to us and the environment – works best but still only for 45 mins maximum..

Now there is a new genius way to end mosquitoes pestering you ever again – without using any chemicals at all..


What are we talking about?

The New Mosquitron was designed by two German engineers who became fed up with being bitten whilst camping. So they found out that the traditional anti-pest devices were all either using dangerous chemicals or aren’t working at all!

So, they invented this genius device:

It is called mosuitron a brand new type of bug catcher/killer. Its perfect for clearing your home of all annoying and dangerous flying pest!

It’s stylish, easy to control and it can clear your home of dirty flies and dangerous mosquitoes!

Many people in Africa are using this to live ‘Mosquito free’ – with awesome results.


How does it work?

This genuis is both innovative and very effective.

Instead of trying to keep the mosquitoes away, it actually attracts them, then catches and kills them!

It lures the flies and mosquitoes near using a safe completely harmless UV phototaxis thermotazis inducing light – translation: The flying pests can’t resist it!

Installed next to the UV-PT light is an efficient efficient reverse fan which sucks the insects through a 1-way trapdoor.


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