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Why do some people always get hired each? You might have asked this question because it seems not to be easy for you almost all the time. But to the other person, it seems to be a routine. Evidently, there must be something in between that makes the difference. Some secrets have been revealed in this article.


They portray their unique selling proposition(USP)

Understand what makes you unique and why you are the best candidate for the job. knowing your personal brand boost your confidence in yourself. Then, you know what you are bringing to the company. In every way, let it manifest as you answer those interview questions.


They make research

They conduct research about the company before the interview. Having a hand full of information about the company helps you ask and answer questions. Do not only sit and wait for questions. Know the name of the CEO, know who their competitors are and the current newsworthy in the company. Advance research will keep you on top of the interview that you will impress your interviews. Remember, that is an indication of a good candidate and a potentially good employee.


They revisit their work the night before the interview

Refresh your memory on the things you have prepared. Get everything ready, you do not need to look for anything on the interview day. Get your documents ready according to the company’s direction, get your cloth ironed, have more than a copy of your resume. Make sure you get enough rest so that you don’t look tired and worn out at the interview .Advance preparation makes a big difference.

Speak good of your past experiences

Tell great stories about your experiences with other companies. This is a great way of capturing your listener’s attention. Use metaphors and tell meaningful stories. Make sure you talk about what they will benefit perhaps from your problem-solving abilities. Tell a concise story.


They show interest in the company’s goals

Showing you’re interested in the company’s goal shows you will deliver good results and again you are matching in the same direction as them. Convince your interviewer that you do not only want to get hired. Integrate your self into their vision by asking about their goals.


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